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What ages are appropriate for OSU camps?

We will take participants as young as 10 years old, through high school seniors. Please call (541) 737-7707 if you have a participant that may be younger or older than this age range. We are flexible and will make every effort to cater to your needs.

Do you offer scholarships or any form of financial aid to participants who may not be able to afford the camp prices?

We do not offer full scholarships or full grants-in-aid to participants. However, we can work out an individual payment plan with regular installments if necessary.  Please call (541) 737-7707 if you find yourself in this situation.  We do offer group discounts that you may be able to take advantage of: 50% OSU Faculty/Staff discounts, 10% group discounts for 5 or more campers in the same camp.  


Can I pay a deposit for any of your camps, or do I have to pay the full registration fee immediately?

Full payment is required at the time of registration for all camps except the overnight residential camp.  For the overnight Residential Camp, you may pay a $150.00 deposit to hold a place in camp, with the remaining balance due no later than July 1st.  If you wish to only pay the deposit upon registration, you will have that option in the "check-out" section at the end of the online registration process.  Remember, all balances are due by July 1st, or your participant will be at risk of losing their place in camp.

What is included in the camp fees?

Everything listed on the Camp Information page of this site is included in the camp fees except the purchase of a volleyball at the end of camp.  Purchasing a camp volleyball is completely optional for all participants. The volleyballs cost $40.00, which can be paid in advance - balls sell out!.

Can I attend both of the Specialized Skills Camps? Do I have to work on the same skill both days?

Yes, you can attend one or both of the Specialized Skills Camps. You can pick a different skill for each day you attend. You are not limited to one skill over two days of camp.

Which camp is appropriate for me?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and the answer varies. Choosing a camp depends on what the camper wants to get out of coming to the camp. If a camper wants to focus on one particular area or skill, a Specialized Skills Camp is appropriate for them. If a camper wants a well-rounded, more broad training session, consider one of our All-Skills Camp (either overnight residential or commuter) but keep in mind the overnight residential camp is the highest level camp we offer.  Also consider what level your camper is with the camper's school goals for the fall.  In general, the overnight Residential Camp draws older and more competitive campers, while the Commuter Camp draws younger campers. 

Do campers have to have any previous volleyball experience?

No previous volleyball experience is necessary. Players do not need to be a member of a school team or club, nor do we make any distinctions among those players at camp.

How are campers divided at the camp?  What is your evaluation session?

Campers are divided by the coaching staff based skill level and age.  We believe this is the best way to facilitate learning in a relaxed and fun environment.  We don't put a first-year player with a college recruit.  On a similar level, we don't put a 12 year old with a group of 18 year olds.  While these are just examples, these are the basic principles that we adhere to when dividing campers into groups.  Each camp begins with an evaluation session.  Campers go between stations and are tested on basic volleyball skills.  We use the evaluation session as a tool to help us divide campers into their appropriate skill and age groups.  No negative "consequences" come from a "poor" performance at these evaluations.  We do not divide players by club team, school teams, etc.; this is information that we do NOT take into consideration when dividing players into groups.  In fact, except in rare cases, we do not even collect this information.  

What if I feel I was placed in the wrong group? Can you change groups during camp?

Coaches will constantly be evaluating campers and will move campers between groups as appropriate.  If a camper is put into a group not fitting the camper's skill level, OSU staff will request adjustments when necessary.  If a camper has a question about group placement, he/she is welcome to bring that to the attention of the group's coach.  Parents who believe their campers were placed in the incorrect group MUST have their child discuss it with the group's coach.  Questions from parents or others regarding group placement will not be considered until the camper in question has raised the issue with his or her coach.

How do I sign up for camp?

All registrations are completed and paid online.  There is a nominal and non-refundable surcharge added to the total cost of camp.  If you wish to have a camp brochure and registration form mailed to you, please call (541) 737-7490.  Don't be shy to ask for multiple brochures for a group of teammates or friends.

How many kids are in each camp? What's the coach to camper ratio?

Each Specialized Camp and the Commuter Camp will have approximately 100 campers. The Overnight Camp will have between 200-250 campers. The coach to camper ratio is never more than 16 campers per 2 coaches. At least two coaches will be on each court at all times.

Who stays with the kids at the overnight camp? Is safety a big concern?

The safety of OSU campers at all camps is our first priority.  Campers will always be with a partner, a group, a coach, etc.  In the dorms, there will be at least two coaches per residential floor with at least 8-10 coaches living in the dorms with campers.  The OSU Coaching Staff does routine checks through the dorms in the evenings to ensure security and safety.  Dorms are locked at all times and require a special key for entrance, which only the camp director and the dorm staff have access to.  Campers are not allowed free access to the dorms except during meal times.


How do I cancel my camp registration?

There is a a $25.00 non-refundable cancellation fee.  To cancel a camp registration, please email volleyball@oregonstate.edu with your camper's full name and the camp you would like to cancel out of.